Chocoholica is opening a store in Gastown Vancouver. Their speciality is in creating artisan chocolates using traditional handcrafted techniques and they are devoted to the production of finely crafted chocolates and chocolate bars, with an emphasis on high quality ingredients, true to their natural flavour, while keeping innovative flavour parings. The chocolate studio wanted their branding to represent themselves – simple and handmade labour of love, yet sophisticated. My goal was to design the brand identity of Chocoholica and a chocolate bar packaging design for their top three signature chocolate, Chipnut, Gingerpop and Applesin.


The target audience of Chocoholica is the sophisticated chocolate lover. Someone who appreciates the expertise required to make the perfect chocolate and looks for the speciality premium offering. In my first art direction, I was pushing a concept of hand-drawn illustration patterns and bright colours that represent hand-crafted quality and fresh ingredients respectively.


However, I realized that complex visuals take away what the brand represents and they did not reflect the target audience. I restarted my process with a new concept – a minimalist design with neutral colours. I wanted the design to strip away from all other elements and focus on the barest essential elements.  



I began this process by sketching a cocoa bean, a key ingredient of chocolate. I selected one of the sketches that speak for the brand personality the most and made a digital version in Illustrator.



Designing a packaging with a minimalistic concept was more challenging than I thought. Many of my initial design looked empty; not simple. After designing several layouts, I selected the top two designs.

The left design is more balanced in composition wise, whereas the right design has a more focused look on the brand identity and the flavour. I chose the left design because I wanted a coloured wrapper around the packaging that represents the flavour of the chocolate and the left design worked better.